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What is a good Christmas gift idea for my mother to symbolize her becoming a first time grandmother? I was thinking something engraved but I have no idea. Please help..thanks so much :)


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What i really want to do is make my mom a mousepad, Or mug, Or frame or anything for Mothers day, & get it by Mothers day. She gets things for me & i thought it was time to give back. Please answer accurately, & DONT VIRUS ME!

My moms birthday is in a week and since I used to sew all the time and set aside that hobby for about two years, I’ve decided I want to get back into it and what better way then to make her a gift? I am sick of shopping for gifts because everybody gets her the same thing every year. I want something unique and special and then I want to buy her something really nice to go along with it. Ideas on anything I can make her? I want it to be special

I would like it to be fast and easy to do. But I want my parents to be able to know that I worked hard on it. I am only 13 and I have done a couopon book every year so I want something creative. Got any ideas?

Ok so I’m in the 11-13 stage, therefore I dont have a job. So i dont want anything that expensive because I dont get an allowence, just save money from past Christmas. So here’s what I’m asking, I need either make able gifts or in expensive gifts.
My mom: oil paints, has napster for an ipod(dont think that helps)
Dad: Golf, white sox fan

My mom’s turning 46 on Monday. I don’t have much money, so I want to make something special for her. Any ideas?

My best friend is having a baby in October and I was wondering what would be some good ideas on what I should get her. I want to get her stuff for the baby and stuff for her and her hubby. I live in Arkansas and she lives in California so I will need to be able to ship it. Thanks for your ideas.

Hello! I need your help! I have already gotten my mom two Christmas gifts. One is a super cute necklace, and the other is a funny calendar. Together they were about . But, I want to get her something else. Something small, something unique. She is difficult and will never tell me what she wants. My price range is about . She is going through a divorce and none of us really have money. She loves dogs, dark chocolate, being a mom… and she’s 53. Soooo whatever you can think of! Thanks sooooo much!

Under 25 bucks please. Need some good ideas. thanks in advance :)